Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 171

We got a notice today that Unleashed will be closing its doors for good on June 13. I had a feeling that times were tough, since there aren't nearly as many employees at the park as there were in the beginning. The restaurant closed several months ago and even the pet store in the facility is being discontinued. It's sad. I love this place. Dot and Dash look forward to going there every week, and the park has really helped Dash lose his fear of other dogs. I was hoping that the management could hang on until the hot Summer temperatures brought more people back to the park again. Sadly, the money they needed just wasn't there. Unleashed wasn't the first business to be brought down by this terrible economy we're experiencing, and it won't be the last. It was one of my favorite places though, and the dogs and I will miss it.

It's just about inevitable that if I really like something, the concept just won't work in Dallas. My favorite furniture store, Palazzetti, couldn't make it here in Dallas. There was even a Citro├źn dealer in town when I first moved here, but I knew that wasn't going to last, since people couldn't even pronounce the name of the car. Over and over again, my favorite restaurants, camera stores, furniture stores and art galleries have all gone out of business. I should probably hire myself out as a new business consultant. If I like the idea, it's almost a certainly that it will fail in Dallas. Oddly, relatively few businesses fail in Dallas.  Hooters and Church's Chicken will probably be here forever.

Unleashed wasn't the only thing that failed today. My main computer finally gave up the ghost. This time, instead of trying to resurrect another relic from the storage warehouse, I took the computer up to mactracks and asked them to fix it. If I'd gone ahead and done this a month ago when I first started having problems, I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble. The other repair on the books for today was a total waste of time. The AT&T repairman didn't even show up. This is the third time in a row that AT&T has scheduled a repair call and then failed to show up. The new 4G iPhone is looking better and better.

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  1. sorry your favorite stores are falling by the wayside. Here in Lawton, we don't even have a Target... but the buzz is, one is on the way! I'll believe it when I see it!