Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 175

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to feed Dash. He has tendency to form crystals and stones in his urine, so I can't feed him a high protein diet. He also has a weak heart, so I can't feed him the low protein diet that vets often recommend for dogs with urate stones. Most of the foods that are "right in the middle" contain too much grain and give him gas. I don't know what to do. I had to take Dash to the vet today because he has an eye infection and the vet and I had the "what to feed Dash" discussion again. This time we decided to substitute eggs for meat or fish as a source of protein. I'm certainly willing to give it a try. Eggs are easy to digest and are a good source of protein. Dogs love eggs too. Maybe this will be the solution he needs. Dot is healthy as a horse and can eat just about anything, but we still haven't found the magic mix of ingredients for Dash.

We're usually too busy to take the dogs to Unleashed during the week, but we took them this evening because this is the last week the park will be open. The place already looks like a ghost town. The fixtures are being sold now and the place seems much emptier than it was even a week ago. I hope all the staff can find new jobs. The park employed over 30 people at one point and now there are less than half that many remaining. It's sad. As the final days approach, Dash is finally learning how to interact with other dogs and he had a great time running and playing tonight.

It was a slow work day, so it was a good time to get my monthly invoices in the mail. It was also apparently a good time to learn something new. I've been using Dreamweaver to design websites for many years and never realized until today that there was an easy way to create text rollovers on the fly without the need for CSS style sheets. The handy shortcut was readily available from the main menu, but I never even noticed it before. I guess I could have read the instruction manual, but as you probably already know, guys never read the instruction manual.

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  1. Good luck with finding the perfect diet. Eggs would be great because you can make yourself some at the same time.

    I just heard you on the horror movie podcast, and you did great! I heard some nerves or something at first, but you contributed a lot to the discussion and had a lot of good insights!