Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 177

The first thing on this morning's list was getting Wendy to the vet. When I picked her up at the K-9 University kennel, she was coughing pretty bad. She tested positive for heartworms when we initially picked her up from animal control, so her cough could be from Bordetella, from the heartworms or both. At any rate, we can't begin the heartworm treatment until she's healthier. I don't think people realize sometimes how much effort goes into making sure these dogs are healthy before we put them up for adoption.

By the time I made the forty mile round trip between the boarding kennel and the vet, there wasn't enough time to have my normal breakfast of pancakes and sausages, so I just ate a bowl of cereal and took my own dogs on their morning walk. I didn't want to expose Dot and Dash to Bordetella, so I threw my clothes in the laundry and got dressed for a second time before we did anything. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a watch out of my pocket and it went through the wash along with my clothes.

I did manage to make it to the Avid Media Composer seminar and was glad I went. A lot of folks like me use Final Cut Pro for editing because it is less than half as expensive as Avid. Avid is still the Cadillac of the digital video editing world though. Over 90% of all feature films are edited on an Avid these days. I'll certainly buy one when that elusive "big job" finally comes my way. It's nice to dream though. It was also nice to chow down on some fabulous MOOYAH burgers while listening to the sales pitch for the Media Composer 5 launch. The MOOYAH team came out and grilled the hamburgers on the spot for us. Delicious! I asked them to add some bacon to mine. That's about as close to living dangerously as I can get these days.

There were lots of website updates to make today, but that's just because it's Thursday. There are always website updates on Thursday. I sure wish I didn't throw my watch in the washing machine. It was bound to happen some day though. It looks like the first thing on tomorrow's list will be a trip to the watch repairman.

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