Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 190

I've got to quit using Neosporin as a lazy man's solution for everything that ails me. I put some on my eyelid this morning to get rid of a little redness and all the sudden I couldn't see. It felt like someone had smeared Vaseline in my eye. With my other good eye, I looked at the label with a magnifying glass and sure enough it said "Don't use near the eyes." Oops. I should have known better, but I hate the idea of sitting in the doctor's waiting room for over an hour just to get a prescription for eye drops. I guess that's what I"ll have to do tomorrow though. I even thought about using Dash's eye drops to avoid a trip to the doctor, but I'd feel real bad if his eye infection didn't get better because I'd used up his medicine myself.

I just wish that going to the doctor's office didn't involve so much waiting. At least it's not as bad as jury duty. Janet had jury duty today and it reminded me that I haven't been called for a while. Inevitably, I get the jury duty summons when I'm really busy at work or planning a vacation. When things are slow and I actually wouldn't mind jury duty, I never hear from them.

I'm still trying to salvage information from the video drive that crashed the other day. I thought I might be able to buy some DVD ripping software and use it to recreate the lost Quicktime files from the backup DVD's of the completed projects. I found a software package on the Internet that looked like it would do the job and promptly downloaded it. Unfortunately, when I tried to install the software, I got a message saying that the program wouldn't run on a non-Intel Mac. It would have been nice if they'd told me this on the website before I paid for everything. This is the fourth time something like this has happened to me. I quess my old Power PC computers are getting so old that the software developers aren't even bothering to write universal code like they used to. Snow Leopard doesn't help matters either. It's becoming more and more apparent that the Apple world has more or less abandoned folks like me.

Training class was a little shorter than usual tonight. Everyone got nervous when we saw a police car slowly circling the field where we worked with the dogs. You can get a ticket in Dallas if your dog isn't on a leash. and many of the training exercises are done off leash. You wouldn't think you could get a ticket for training your dog to be better behaved, but you never know. At any rate, our trainer decided to end the class a bit early just to stay on the safe side. No complaints from the dogs. Most of them were getting too hot anyway.

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