Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 204

What a dummy I am. I've been puzzled for months why Google Analytics has been giving me such screwy results for one of my websites. I never really questioned the results though, because after all, they came straight from Google. Today was such a slow day that I decided to look a little deeper. Oops. Somehow, I had inadvertently pasted the generic example tracking script into most of the pages instead of the real one. These dummy scripts were tracking nothing. Inexplicably, I had also pasted the correct script into one or two pages as well, which was the only reason I was getting any results at all. After spending hours correcting the code on 75 different HTML documents, I'll be curious to see whether it makes any difference. If Google Analytics still says that the site has only 14 viewers, I'll really feel like a dummy.

The dogs seem to be a rain magnet lately. We got caught in another downpour at training class tonight.  Tonight's rain was much heavier than last week's, so everyone decided to head for the shelter of a nearby picnic gazebo. With twenty-five large dogs and their owners all huddled under the tiny porch, it was amazing that nobody got bit. The dogs were very well behaved, considering that many of them were afraid of thunder and lightening. Even Dot seemed calmer than usual. The dogs appeared to be comforted by having all the other dogs huddled right next to them. I guess it makes sense. Dogs are pack animals after all. It didn't take long for a strong "wet dog" smell to permeate the gazebo.  I probably still smell like a wet dog.

I thought it might be nice to have lunch with somebody today, so I sent out a few e-mails in the morning to see if anyone was free. Of course they weren't. It's just about impossible to do anything spontaneous anymore. People are just too busy. Occasionally, someone will call me on the spur of the moment and ask if I'd like to have lunch. Usually that doesn't work out either. Typically, I haven't even finished breakfast by the time most people are ready for lunch. When I say I could meet them for lunch around 2 or 3PM, that usually scuttles the lunch plans. So what if I don't get started at the crack of dawn. I'm just not a morning person.

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  1. Hi John,

    I had to chuckle at your Google Analytics confession. And I love the term "rain magnet" - I think I am one, you see.




  2. I'm no morning person either. Lunch at 2 sounds fine. What are you doing today? haha. We are having rain too, but it's great. They predicted short heavy downpours that would cause flooding, but we are getting a nice soaking rain instead. Miss Maggie (the Vizsla) doesn't like rain, with or without thunder.