Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 206

I was looking through the new issue of D Home Magazine this morning and much to my surprise I see an article on page 20 about the Dalmatian end table I almost bought at an estate sale last month. I actually did buy quite a few ceramic Dalmatians at this sale, but the end table seemed a bit pricey to me. I think they were asking $350 for it. So, what do you think the ritzy antique store that did end up buying the table is asking for it now? How about $2400 dollars. Wow! I guess I misjudged the value of that thing. The Dalmatian table was featured in an article the magazine runs frequently called "Crazy or Cool."  Local interior designers comment on a piece of furniture and tell what they think of it. This time three of the designers loved the table and two thought it was hideous. I wish I'd bought the table now. I never would have re-sold it though. It would have just joined all the other clutter in the house.

Fox TV and CBS have joined NBC in asking if they can use the photos of the sheriff taking the goat away. The pet orphanage says that hundreds of people have called in the past several days to ask about Judy and Minnelli. Evidently, the National Geographic Channel even called yesterday. At last count I think over 50 people have already added the story to their Facebook pages. The sheriff's department has certainly fanned the flames a bit by telling the media that they didn't even think the goat and dog were friends. One sheriff's deputy was quoted as saying "I think they just hooked up together when they were wandering around town." Hooked up together?  Maybe this guy has the dog and goat confused with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in that movie The Holiday.

I still haven't been paid for the writing assignment I did for the Germans a few months ago. I should have learned by now that you can never get anything resolved with Germans in the summer. They are all on vacation. I keep getting these Autoreply messages to my e-mails saying "I will be out of the office until August 17" or something to that effect. Jeez, I wish I got a month of vacation every year. I do get Saturdays and Sundays though, if you want to call walking dogs and mowing grass a vacation.

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  1. Maybe you can get Dot and Dash to stand still and balance a piece of plexiglas on their backs. You can rent them out for parties.