Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 208

For several weeks I've been seeing these strange little holes all over the park and wondering what caused them. They were all about six inches deep and six to eight inches in diameter. The holes looked too deep for squirrels to dig and dogs would never be this industrious. Today I discovered the answer. Inside one of the holes were the remains of eggs. They looked like turtle eggs. Probably raccoons, skunks or possums, which are all abundant in the park, were digging them up and eating them. It's a shame the little turtles never had a chance. I really can't fault the critter that fancied these eggs though. I had eggs for breakfast myself this morning.

Sometimes I'm amazed that baby animals reach maturity at all. Almost every day I see cats going after birds, hawks and owls going after mice, and once I even saw a snake eating a fish. There are several packs of coyotes in the park as well. I never see them do their hunting, but I often hear them late at night. The coyotes have gotten so bold in recent years that I won't walk the dogs after sundown anymore.

I did walk the rescue Dalmatians like I do every Sunday. No coyote problems there. Kobe and LeBron are gone, but we now have a new girl named Sophia. She is cute as a button and isn't even a year old yet. Small females like this usually find homes very quickly. Unfortunately, the larger males take a bit longer to place. They all find good homes eventually though. It just takes patience.

I've discovered a big difference in my Google Analytics reports once I started using the correct code. The site where I added the new code a few days ago used to report 67 backlinks. Now Google says there are 3,700 backlinks. Quite a difference. Still not a lot of readers, but evidently every one of them links to it.

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  1. Sophia is a lucky girl. I think she is today's feature, yes?

    Yes, nature has lots of teeth as well as cuteness.

  2. Hey John- How do you get backlinks out of Analytics other than typing link:URL into a Google search?

  3. Actually now that I think about it, I use Google Webmaster Tools to track backlinks, but using the correct Google Analytics script seems to make all the other Google applications work better as well.

    Yes, Sophia was today's dog of the day. She is already adopted too! One of the fastest adoptions ever.