Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 220

I had my first meeting with my new medical clinic customer today and it went very well. I always enjoy these initial stages of a new project. The client is all excited because everything still seems possible. I'm equally excited because I have a blank slate to work with. Later, things always get more difficult, but I try to maintain the initial excitement as long as possible. I've done a ton of websites for veterinarians, but this will be the first site I've designed for medical doctors. I hope everything goes well, because this project could make a great case study to show other doctors. A lot of veterinarians already have attractive, functional websites, but the websites of most medical doctors are still abysmally bad. If I can do something that raises the bar a bit, this project could be a real opportunity.

I'm glad it's Friday. Somehow this has seemed like a very long week. There weren't any big deadlines, but I seemed to slip a little further behind with each passing day. I still have one unfinished project to tackle this weekend, but that can wait a little while longer. Tonight is devoted to Dr. Who and good food. I enjoy going to Central Market on Fridays and picking up interesting looking things to eat for dinner from the Chef's Case. It's kind of like going out to dinner without having to make reservations or actually go anywhere. Tonight I picked up several types of Quinoa salads which were delicious. I've never had Quinoa before. It's a grain like seed from South America that's a bit like Couscous. Quinoa is supposed to be extremely nutritious, but I probably canceled out all its nutritional value by also picking up some scrumptious looking barbecued ribs while I was at the store.

I can tell that Dash is frustrated and really misses his weekend visits to the dog park. He's starting to pull the yellow cover off his tennis balls again. If the weather cooperates this weekend, we'll resume our quest to find the perfect dog park. It's such a shame that Unleased went out of business. I think it's going to be a long time before we see another indoor dog park in Dallas.

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  1. Hey Neighbor! I'm in DFW too! Just hopping by from Entrecard and happened to see that you are a Texan too.
    So, how many watches do you own, anyway???

  2. You've gotten under my skin. I saw some artsy watches yesterday and thought immediately of you. How long can you keep up that "new watch every day" habit?

  3. I don't know whether I'm going to run out of Dalmatian pictures or watch pictures first. I've been working with Dalmatian Rescue since 2001 and I've taken pictures of hundreds of dogs that I've helped to find homes. I apparently have hundreds of watches as well. I didn't even realize how many I had until I started taking a picture of a different watch every day. Two or three years ago I had the bright idea that I was going to teach myself how to repair watches and started buying junk watches on eBay by the pound to practice on from retiring jewelers. All the watches I've shown so far actually work. If I just changed the picture title to "Broken Watch of the Day" I could probably keep these pictures going forever.

  4. Haha- I have a box full of broken watches, but none of them are interesting. Just cheap and broken. Well, there was the classic 1960s lady's watch that was my HS graduation present that I hated. "They" were still trying to turn me into a lady, but I escaped and it never took.