Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 243

I don't know where today went. It seems like I got up this morning and a few minutes later it's already 9 PM and I'm here falling asleep at the keyboard. Sundays have never been a day of rest at our house. From dawn till dusk the day is filled with non-stop household chores and dog activities. Things do vary a bit with the seasons, but the routine is usually the same. We get up, walk our dogs, eat breakfast, go to K-9 University and walk the Dalmatian Rescue dogs, come home, eat lunch, give our dogs a bath, take them to some sort of dog park to play, come home and mow the grass, do some laundry, walk our dogs again, eat dinner, find a watch to photograph for the blog, try to get ready for the week ahead and go to sleep. Today, my brain seems to think we've arrived at the "go to sleep" part of the day before I've finished everything else. I don't know why I'm so tired today. Maybe it's just the heat.

Dash seems to have achieved some sort of breakthrough about riding in cars. Ever since last Tuesday when he rode around in the Land Rover loaner car, he's been much better behaved. We took the dogs up to the Wagging Tail dog park again this afternoon and Dash acted completely normal. I didn't hear a peep out of him during the entire trip. As recently as a month ago, a trip like this would have been impossible with Dash. It's kind of amazing how much his behavior has improved. Maybe he finally had one of those "light bulb" moments where he realized when he went somewhere in a car, good things usually happened instead of all the bad things he was anticipating. I'll probably never know why Dash changed his mind about car travel, but I'm glad he did. We've always wanted to take the dogs down to the Gulf Coast so they could run along the beach. Now, something like this might actually be possible.

Next week looks busy already. Dot has her annual exam. I've got some interviews to film about the goat story for National Geographic. I need to go up to Lewisville to take some pictures at a fire station for the Dalmatian Rescue 2011 calendar. Oh, and Janet had a birthday coming up too.

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  1. When did time speed up? It seems so for all ages and situations.