Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 252

I've done enough photo shoots in office environments by now that they all start to blur together. There's always someone who absolutely refuses to be photographed. There are usually several who ask if I can stay long enough for them to go home and change clothes and put on more makeup. Occasionally, there are some who want to in the photos, even though they are not part of the story. The offices themselves are often drab and filled with the kind of art you'd find at a Holiday Inn. I photograph these spaces with an ultra wide angle 14mm lens to make them appear larger and more dramatic. I like to use available light and very long exposures. I tell people that this is the way Architectural Digest does things, but really the dreamy blurred people moving through these long exposures just mean fewer problems with photo releases later.

All in all, the photo shoot at the medical clinic went pretty well today. I'll have to come back later to catch the people who were too busy to be photographed or just didn't show up, but that's to be expected. I'm not even going to bother to unpack my bags, because I've got another photo shoot at a different office tomorrow.

When I tried to sync all my contact information on the new iPhone today, I discovered that the photos I loaded in the phone had simply disappeared. The phone said the photos were there, but you just couldn't see them. Odd to say the least. There is always a weird little glitch like this with new Apple products. When I Googled "can't sync photos to iPhone" it appeared that a ton of other people were experiencing the same sort of problem. There wasn't a solution on the Apple website though. There never is. I hate trying to solve technical problems using Google, because people aren't shy about giving their opinion even if they are dead wrong. I've broken more than a few things by following lame advice I've found on Google. After wasting a considerable amount of time on various forums, I saw something that made sense. "Try powering down the phone and then power it up again. Your photos should appear in the proper place." Sure enough, when I turned the phone completely off and then turned it on again, the photos appeared. Now why couldn't the guys in the blue shirts at the Genius Bar have told me that?

Even though the roof will probably leak again, we really need some rain. It's so hot and dry outside that everything is turning brown. I've been watering the plants and grass in the morning after I get back from walking the dogs, but I don't think it helps much.  Within a few hours, the ground is bone dry again.

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