Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 258

I spent most of the day working on the new medical clinic website. It ought to be ready to go live in about a week unless my client decides to change everything. I've learned not to get too excited when a site looks finished to me. There's always something that pops out of left field at the last minute. Sometimes I think these things I work on will never launch, but eventually they always do. The two veterinary hospitals that were new clients earlier this year have both launched their new sites. It won't be that long before this site is finished as well. Then I can move on to the watch repair website.

I guess the honeymoon is over with my new renter. I've actually been surprised that there haven't been any problems since I leased the rent house early this Spring. Old houses always have problems though. Today it was the plumbing. Luckily, a plumber was able to come out this afternoon and the problem was quickly resolved. I'm sure there will be other problems though. There always are. This is why I don't really enjoy being a landlord. People who rent don't like to deal with problems. If they didn't mind problems, they probably would have just bought their own house in the first place. Unfortunately, old houses are full of problems. It's one of those oil and water situations where things just don't mix well. The renters want me to make the problems go away forever, but all I can do is fix them. Things break in old houses. That's just the way it is.

The rent house is probably in much better shape than my own house. Things are always falling apart around here. Today, I was up on the roof again, trying to figure out why my new sump pump wasn't pumping off the water from yesterday's rain the way it should. The pump was humming away normally on the roof, but very little water was coming out the other end of the hose on the ground. I think the old hose has become clogged with debris and I'm going to have to go buy a new hose to go with the new pump. Somehow all these pumps end up being too complicated. That's why mostly I just push the water off the roof with a big broom these days.

Dot has her dental appointment tomorrow. Her teeth don't look quite as bad as Dash's were, but she still has a lot of plaque on her molars. When we had Dash's teeth cleaned last month, I felt guilty for not going to see the dentist myself. Now, with Dot getting her teeth cleaned as well, I feel even more guilty. I still haven't called my dentist though.

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  1. Plumbing in an old house? My very least favorite thing to fix.