Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 261

I spent so long staring at a computer screen today that my eyes won't even focus anymore. I used to have 20/20 vision, but that was before I made my living staring at a rather large monitor sitting 15 inches in front of my face. These days, I'm constantly looking for my reading glasses. My distance vision is still OK, but my close-up vision is ruined. I thought the eye strain would diminish when I retired my old CRT monitors and got high definition flat screens, but somehow they seem to have made things even worse.

Tired eyes not withstanding, I did get a lot done today. I had to. Tomorrow I have two presentations. One is in the morning and the other in the afternoon. If all goes well, I'll be able to launch two more websites. And if things don't go so well? Well, then it will be just another normal weekend.

More rain today. This was a gentle rain with no thunder and lightning, so the dogs were happy campers. I did have to climb up on the roof and get the water off though. My new pump doesn't seems to be up to the job. In a race between the pump and my trusty push broom, the broom wins every time. I've gotten to where I can sweep all the water off the roof in about fifteen minutes. The pump takes more than two hours to do the same thing.

The new season of Project Runway just doesn't seem quite as good as some of the previous seasons. Maybe I'm just too tired to enjoy it. I still watch the show every Thursday, but the designers aren't as exciting this year. They spend more time talking about each other than they do about the clothes. Sometimes when they have the runway show on these new episodes, I don't like anything. Last year there were always two or three outfits on every show that I thought were fabulous. Who knows? Maybe the clothes are as good as they ever were. It could be the absence of martinis that has changed my perspective. My liver may thank me someday, but I still miss martini night.

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  1. I am facing actually starting to write up a proposal that could bring me some real income. Like you... if I get it great... if not, back to "normal."

  2. You should retire your 15" CRT and time to get yourself a new LCD/LED. Less bulky and safes you lots of table space as well.