Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 290

Everything is back to normal. The dogs got their regular morning walk. I did my webmaster chores. I answered yesterday's e-mail. I even went over to the pet orphanage and photographed the goat again. It's hard to believe it's October already. Pretty soon it will be Halloween and we still haven't found a venue to do pet pictures for Dalmatian Rescue. Halloween is a great time to do our holiday pet picture fund raisers, since so many people like to dress their pets in costumes. Unleashed would have been a great place for this sort of thing, but since it's gone, we're going to have to find someplace else.

I certainly couldn't find anything last night. When my flight from San Francisco arrived back in Dallas, I couldn't find my car. It seemed to have just disappeared. I was convinced that the car had been stolen or towed. After I had called the towing company and airport security, I finally realized that I was on the wrong level of the parking garage and my car was exactly where I left it, four levels below.

I got home around midnight and when I washed my face before going to bed, I noticed that the washrag was turning brown. I couldn't figure out what was going on and then I realized that I'd never taken my makeup off after the photo shoot. Damn. I'd flown all the way back to Dallas with my photo makeup on. I can't believe women do this every single day. Maybe it's worth it though. It certainly fixed my blotchy skin in a hurry.

Everyone in San Francisco was talking about the heat wave they've been having lately. In Dallas, people are talking about the unusually cool weather we're currently enjoying. The temperature was exactly the same in both cities yesterday.

I wonder what I left behind in the photo studio? No matter where I go, I always manage to leave something behind.

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  1. John- I see your Alexa is up (down) to 65K. Way to go! How did you pull that off?

    Love the dog/goats/kids pic.

  2. Is 65K good? I never pay much attention to Alexa. Hey, maybe it's your daily comments that made the difference. Thanks, for reading....