Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 298

I've got plumbers over at the house again. Dogs are barking. The kitchen sink is backed up. It's a general mess. I thought when I had a plumber over all day fixing things last month that I wouldn't have any more plumbing problems for a long time. Apparently I was wrong. When something goes wrong with the electricity or the water lines, I wonder how people ever managed to live without these things. I can't even function without air conditioning anymore. It's easy to forget that only a few generations ago it was completely normal to have an outdoor toilet and no electricity. How quickly we take things for granted. Probably the next generation will look at their WiFi connection the same way I look at running water.

I'm running way behind today. As soon as the plumber is finished unclogging the drains, I need to take a shower and get the grocery shopping done. Everything has got to be finished by 5 PM today, because we've got another Dalmatian Rescue Casino Night this evening. As always, I'll be spinning the roulette wheel. These casino parties remind me of the days when I used to play in a rock band. The hard part was always setting up and then packing things up again after the gig was over. With the casino parties, we have to haul a trailer full of blackjack, roulette and craps tables to each event. The craps table is always a bear to set up. It's too large to carry in one piece, so we pack it up in several pieces and assemble it at the event. It's probably easier to move a piano than it is to move a full size craps table. Even though it's a lot of work, the casino parties have turned out to be good fundraisers for the dogs. People seem to love to gamble, even if they're placing their bets with Monopoly money.

Another Halloween costume for you today. This time, it's Dash as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

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  1. I decided one time to save $40.00 and do the plumbing myself. After seven trips to Home Depot and $228.00 spent, I called the plumber.

  2. I thought that short Dalmatian hair wouldn't clog the drains so much!

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