Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 300 - Columbus Day

Columbus Day is certainly an odd little holiday. I always totally forget about it until I go out to check the mail after lunch and discover that there isn't any. Many people I know aren't quite sure why this day is celebrated at all, and among those who do know, most are opposed to it. I just don't like postal holidays, because I enjoy getting the mail.

The Paypal folks are letting me test some of their latest donation widgets on the blog. I added a brand new "Giving Widget" they are developing today and it seems like a fabulous idea for any sort of charity. The neat thing about this widget is that it can easily be shared. All you do is click on the "add to site" button and you can easily add a fully functioning duplicate of the widget on your own website or blog. I hope you guys will try this widget out, and if you are interested in helping animals, will consider adding it to your own blogs. Give a few dollars to the Dalmatians too. They could certainly use your help.

I had some sticky buns we got at the auction Saturday night for breakfast this morning. Man, those ladies can cook! These were the best tasting sweet rolls I've ever had. No wonder the cakes and pies were getting higher bids than the jewelry and craft items.

I'm still getting used to Twitter. I don't really know what to Tweet about on days like today. Do people really want to know that nothing is happening? I've already learned one thing though. It's a lot easier to get followers on Twitter than it is on a blog. Every day there seems to be a few more. Maybe someday I'll say something memorable enough to get re-tweeted. It probably won't be any time soon though.

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  1. John: I want knowledgeable followers, so I can learn. I wore purple to work today. It used to be a holiday.

  2. Days when nothing happens can be good- it's called relaxing.