Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 308

I got a call from the SPCA this morning. They want me to do the marketing materials for a big charity event they're having next February. I think they'd seen some of the things I'd done for other rescue groups and apparently they must have liked what they saw. They want to meet with me this Friday. I do lots of charity projects. You'd think that some big corporation would see this work and say, "Wow, this is nice. We'd like to give you a huge budget to work on something for us." It doesn't work that way though. Charity projects usually just lead to more charity projects.

National Geographic keeps asking me if the goat has been adopted yet. They want to finish the show about the friendship between the goat, great dane and three legged dog, but they still need a happy ending for their story. I'd like to finish the story too. I'm afraid that if the rescue group waits too long to adopt the animals that the producers will lose interest in the story and it will never air.

Probably I just need to be patient. Everything gets finished eventually. I finally launched the last of this year's crop of new websites today. I thought that would never happen either. Dash's skin is starting to look better too. Maybe someday, even the plumbing problems will go away. I probably won't live that long though.

At least I met all my deadlines today. I got to my meeting on time. I successfully uploaded a bunch of large files to the online printer I use. Dash got his weekly allergy shot at the vet. I may even have time to click on a few EC and Adgitize ads.

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  1. I hear you- re all the charity stuff. Everybody wants me to speak to their group, give them a book, or tweak their website or database, etc for free. Meanwhile, I have almost no visible income... and the get huffy if I say that I can't afford to do that. I try to be a nice person, but if I am providing a skill... is it unreasonable to ask for a modest payment? (That's rhetorical)