Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 314

Busy and bored are a bad combination. I've been busy and bored for long enough now that I'm losing enthusiasm for everything I encounter. Lack of excitement doesn't stop me though. I keep plugging away at things like the Energizer bunny. Have you ever been forced to drive a car with a bad battery? That's what I'm feeling. Once you manage to get the car started, you don't want to turn it off again, because you know it will be even harder to start the next time.

The days pass quickly. Often the things people ask me to do are difficult, and I find that if I start a project after breakfast, it is usually time for dinner by the time I am finished. Like the dogs, I measure time by the meals I eat. I seldom talk to anyone during the day. I get my marching orders in the form of terse little one line e-mails that inevitably end with a signature saying sent from my iPhone.

I'm surprised at how often I encounter the same people again and again on our morning walk. I don't know who these joggers and cyclists are, but we will pass each other at exactly the same tree or bend in the road day-after-day. Sometimes I will smile or wave, but not always. I wonder if these people think it is equally strange to pass the same guy with two Dalmatians every day. I'd hate to think that everyone's life was this regimented, but I suspect that I'm not the only one who feels the weight of busy and bored on their shoulders.

I envy the dogs. After a brisk walk in the morning, they don't go sit at a desk and design websites. They don't even read a book. What do they do eighteen hours a day? They sleep. I don't sleep nearly as much as Dot and Dash, but the small amount of sleep I do get is still my favorite part of the day. I sleep soundly and I have great dreams. If only being awake were as good as those dreams.

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  1. Great dog picture and great article.
    first time to visiting your blog from EC

  2. That's a bummer. You need to do something goofy, off beat, different!