Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 321

I wasted an inordinate amount of time this morning watching back-to-back Top Gear episodes during breakfast. I became so mesmerized at the sight of Jeremy Clarkson and James May driving huge lorries through obstacles in the road like mobile homes and brick walls that I probably ate twice my normal ration of pancakes. I love this show. If there are still women who find themselves wondering what men are really like, just watch this show for a while. You'll quickly lose any illusions you might be harboring about male refinement. Nope. We haven't evolved one bit. I've met very few men who wouldn't agree that Jeremy Clarkson has one of the best jobs in the world. Hey, what could be better than getting paid big bucks for driving fast cars, playing silly pranks on your buddies and having an opportunity to smash things every week?

On slow days like this I like to go to the Interstate battery store and buy a bunch of batteries. Nobody in their right mind buys batteries like I do. The guys at the battery store think I'm a watch repairman and give me a special discount. We talk shop a bit about Lithium Ion vs. Silver Oxide and then I go home again. So before you start whining about how dull your day was, just remember that at least you aren't impersonating a watch repairman yet.

I don't want you guys to think I did nothing today. I actually finished revising quite a few web pages. I got the revision request this weekend in the mail. My client had printed out all their web pages and then used a yellow hi-liter pen to indicate what they wanted changed on each page. I love clients like this! When someone uses the US mail to make changes to their web site, you know they're not to be asking for any cutting edge, dynamic, server-side, social network, real-time gizmo that I haven't even learned how to code yet. Hurray for the folks that still think a simple static site is just fine.

I'm looking forward to election day tomorrow. Finally, there will be an end to the relentless robo-calls from candidates that have been plaguing me for weeks. Don't these people know that nobody likes getting these calls? The closer the election gets, the later they call. We've gotten calls as late as 10 PM recently. I've got news for these politicians. If you call me at 10 PM, I'm definitely not going to vote for you.

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  1. Top Gear is brilliant. I'm not a car person but I love he show, the banter, the comedy and I envy all three presenters.

    I would happily give up my day job to do theirs.




  2. There was one ad running here that was SO racist and slurring, that even if I hadn't known anything about the person it was aimed at I would have voted for him just because that ad was so awful. If the opposition had to slide that low, I don't want them leading us.