Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 333

There was cold air blowing out of the vents when I woke up this morning. This would have been great in July, but it's November now. There should have been hot air. Actually, I'm surprised this didn't happen the first time I turned on the furnace this year, because it is an annual Fall occurrence. Every time the season's change, I need to get Marty the HVAC guy to come work his magic. He usually comes out to the house, pokes around a little, charges me $90 and says nothing was wrong. After this little ritual, everything works perfectly.

I got news today that the goat and Judy the Great Dane are being adopted tomorrow. I need to get my camera gear packed up tonight and get ready to film the final segment of the Unlikely Animal Friends story for the National Geographic Channel. I'll be glad to get this project finished. The producers in Washington DC tell me that everything is finished and edited except for a short little section where the goat and his dog friends leave the pet orphanage and go off to their new home. Hopefully, I will be able to give the story a happy ending tomorrow.

Saturday's are always busy, but today seemed even busier than usual. I had to get the grocery shopping done and the dogs walked earlier than usual because Janet and I needed to go to a friend's house warming party this evening. Some of you may remember the picture of Roxie, the cute Dalmatian dressed up like a witch that I photographed on Halloween. Well, the house warming party was for a friend of Roxie's who has just bought a house in our neighborhood. It seems that there is a Dalmatian connection just about everywhere I go these days.

I'm still getting accustomed to Facebook. Having a Facebook page seems almost the opposite of having a blog. Blogging is all about authoring something. Facebook is more about participating in something. After a while, your wall isn't even yours anymore. It will be slowly taken over by the people you designate as friends. Maybe this is why I still like blogging the best. It is a solitary activity, much like long distance running. Team sports were never my cup of tea.

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