Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 346

Days like this confuse me. Was it a holiday or not? I'm still not sure. We slept in late, so the day started out like a holiday. On the other hand, Janet was away most of the day shopping the sales, so it seemed like a normal day with me and the dogs. We went up to visit the rescue dogs again which is something we normally only do on Sundays, but I still had website updates to finish, so that made it a pretty typical working Friday. The weather was equally confusing. It was quite nice outside around lunchtime, but late in the day another cold front blew through and the temperature dropped twenty degrees in just a few hours.

I didn't go anywhere near a shopping mall today. When you have to spend more time looking for a parking place than you'll actually spend in the stores, it's just not worth it. I think I'm going to do most of my shopping online this year anyway. It's so easy to just click on a few things in a browser window and wait for the FedEx truck to show up a few days later. I'm beginning to wonder why anyone even bothers to go to a brick and morter store anymore. I used to just by books at, but now I feel comfortable buying just about anything online. I'll admit I still have more success buying shoes in person, but I bet even that will change soon enough. Pretty soon I'm sure there'll be an app for the iPad where you just put your foot on the screen and it will automatically find you a perfect fitting shoe.

This has been a good month for the animal rescue groups I work with. Not only have Mow, the goat and his two dog friends found a home, but several dogs in the Dalmatian Rescue program found their forever homes this month as well. There are people interested in looking at our remaining dogs too. There's an outside change that all the dogs we currently have might be able to find a home by Christmas. That would be a nice Christmas present for everyone.

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  1. Some days are like that. I kept thinking it was Sunday, but it's good that it's not because I have to leave for a 3-day trip on Sunday!