Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 348

I don't know where the holiday went. The past four days have zipped by so fast that I wish I could just rewind the entire week and play it again at a slower, more relaxed speed. I certainly didn't accomplish very much, with the possible exception of gaining some extra pounds I didn't need. The dogs had fun though. All four days were like Sunday for them. There were a lot of walks and trips to the dog park. Dash even met some new friends today.

When we went up to K-9 University this morning we met the couple who recently adopted Chase. They had driven here from Arizona to pick him up. I think the dogs know when they are going to their forever home. They always act more excited than usual and never fail to jump right into their new owner's car as if this was something they did everyday. Chase's new family was equally excited about him. They brought him a new leash and collar and plenty of dog treats. They even baked a cake for the Dalmatian Rescue volunteers. It's been a good month for rescue. Yesterday, the goat went to his new home. Today it was Chase's turn. Who knows. Maybe by Christmas, we'll get them all adopted.

I feel like buying something on Cyber Monday. Too bad Apple doesn't believe in sales. I could probably get a Dell for half price tomorrow, but I don't think I've ever gotten a discount on anything that Apple makes. I always pay full price and usually have to stand in line or put my name on a waiting list just to be able to buy anything at all. Sale or no sale, it probably is time for a new computer though. When you can download files faster on your phone than you can on your main work computer, then it might be time to consider something new.

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