Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 354

Today was a pet picture marathon. I drove up to K-9 University to set up for the Santa Paws fundraiser around 8 AM this morning and didn't get home again until after 6 PM. We had a great turnout and Santa and I were busy all day. Since K-9 University is a boarding kennel that caters to customers with larger dogs, we had a lot of Rottweilers, German Shepards and Weimaraners. There were a lot of Dalmatians too. Basically, we had our hands full. The smaller dogs are easy, because Santa can just hold them in his lap. When people start bringing in Rottweilers and Great Danes however, you've got to expect things to get knocked over. Amazingly, the set survived the long day and everything made it back to the studio in one piece. The closest I came to disaster was when one of the customers sat on my iPhone.

These pet photo events have been great fundraisers for Dalmatian Rescue, but I'll be glad when we're finished for the year. Only one more event to go next weekend and we're done. Taking pictures of dogs is murder on your knees. I am constantly kneeling and standing, trying to catch that brief moment when the dog is pointed in the right direction and his tongue isn't hanging halfway to the floor. The dogs seldom stay in one place for very long. By the end of the day I feel like someone should wheel me out on a stretcher. Too bad I had to give up drinking. I could really use a Martini right now.

I didn't have time for the normal Saturday errands today, so tomorrow will be a catch-up day. I still have some grocery shopping to do and it's time to start getting all the leaves off the roof. I did manage to get the Christmas tree up though. You can probably guess what it's decorated with. Little Dalmatian ornaments of course.

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  1. Wonderful pose! After a lifetime of having some pictures taken I know that it takes a special person to catch good photos of pets. I hope you are going to show us some of your Dalmatian ornaments. What fun!

  2. Love your blog (I visit you from entrecard). Where did you get the title for your blog?