Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 362

Today was a cleaning day. We have these cleaning days periodically when so much stuff acumulates around the house that you can't get from one room to the next without tripping over something. Janet seems to relish starting fresh and has no qualms about throwing things away. I tend to just move things from one pile to another. I don't know why it is so hard for me to throw things away, but I can always come up with at least ten reasons to keep some dust gathering object I haven't used in five years.

At last Friday's Dalmatian Rescue Casino Party, all the dealers were supposed to wear a black turtleneck under their dealer vest. I don't wear turtlenecks much anymore, but I knew I had a few tucked away somewhere. As I dug through the dresser drawers in search of the illusive black turtleneck, I realized that I had tons of perfectlty nice clothes that I hadn't worn in ages. They were all neatly stacked underneath the clothes I wear everyday. Rather than dig through a stack of clothes for something new to wear, I would just wear whatever was on top of the stack over and over again. I eventually found a black turtleneck to wear to the casino party, and in the process, I also found a bunch of clothes that were so old that even I didn't mind tossing them. I like to find things like this that I can make a big show of throwing away on cleaning day in hopes that it will draw attention away for all the other junk I'm still planning to keep.

The keeper junk that won't fix in the house anymore usually winds up in the storage warehouse. The problem I'm having is that the storage warehouse has gotten so full that I'm going to need another storage warehouse soon. Recently, when I was over at my storage room, I accidently knocked over a stack of boxes and trapped myself in the back of the room. It took me at least ten minutes to climb over all the rubble and reach the door again. Ithought it was going to be like one of those mining disaster stories you see on TV. When I cleaned everything up, I realized that I didn't even know what is in many of these boxes anymore. Unfortunately, whenever I try to throw one of the boxes away, I usually become fascinated by the contents and decide to keep it a little while longer. I don't know whether I accomplished much today or not. I managed to throw away several pounds of old underwear and unstylish shirts, but couldn't bring myself to part with anything else. Four bulky studio lighting stands went to the storeroon, along with a watch timing machine I never learned how to use and a laminating machine I cant find supplies for anymore.

Tomorrow I've got to go to Medical City for pre-admission check-in prior to Tuesday's surgery. I don't know why they wouldn't let me do this on Tuesday morning, but they seem determined to make me waste as much of my time as humanly possible. I've already spent more time filling out paperwork than the surgery itself is going to take.

I still haven't fully recovered from this weekend's full calendar of dog events. I'm yawning as I type this and think I'll go to bed early tonight. A good night's sleep never hurt anyone.

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  1. Oh dear- your attitude toward throwing things out is too much like mine. And the dog pic could be Maggie, if you make the dog red.