Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 368

I want the Tardis for my storage room. I definitely need something like the Tardis that is larger on the inside than it is on the outside, because my storage room is completely full. Full or not, I was forced to shoehorn even more junk into the tiny room this afternoon, because it was cleaning day at our house again. It's amazing how stuff accumulates. I had totally forgotten about the hazmat suit I got in a moment of panic on the day after 9/11. I guess I don't need that anymore. I haven't found much use for a basketball Dick Vitale gave me fifteen years ago either. We found an old fashioned matched set of luggage that had Janet's name on the baggage tags, but she couldn't remember ever using them. I also found the install disc for a Palm Pilot that I'd looked everywhere for several years ago when the Palm crashed and took all it's contact information with it. Of course, now that I found the disc, the Palm Pilot is gone. I think it got thrown away on a previous cleaning day. Janet takes her unused stuff straight to the Goodwill store on cleaning day. I usually take my stuff to the storage room instead. The storage room is kind of like a holding cell for obsolete objects that I've grown fond of. Eventually, I do throw stuff away, but only when the room becomes so full that the door won't shut. If only I had the Tardis.

I fixed my favorite recipe for breakfast this morning. Actually, it is the only recipe that I've ever come up with in my life. I like it though. I start by cutting up sausage and ham into small squares and letting them brown in a fry pan. Then I slice and dice red and green bell peppers and add them to the meat. When this has cooked a few minutes, I add some black pepper and four tablespoons of hot chipotle salsa to the mix. I let this simmer for about five minutes and then fold in three eggs. I whip the eggs really fast with a spatula until the whole mix acquires the consistancy of peanut butter. The eggs are not like a scrambled egg at all, but are smooth and creamy instead. Finally I spread the dish on thick slices of toast and eat it. It sounds ridiculous, but it is actually quite tasty. Maybe I should try something more ambitious, but my culinary quest seems to have ended at breakfast eggs. I guess I have invented a few weird variations on French Toast too, but I don't know if that counts.

I needed to get another memory card for one on my cameras today and came home with something that holds 48 GB of data on a tiny chip the size of my thumbnail. This is simply amazing to me. Earlier in the afternoon, I came across one of my first video editing hard drives in the storage room. It was state-of-the-art at the time. The thing weighed fifteen pounds and was the size of a toaster. I thought it was an enormous hard drive at the time. This expensive brick could store a whopping 5GB of data.

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  1. Today I'm also looking at a storage room full of unused stuff and racking my brains how I'm going to clear them. I can't bear to throw them away even though I have no use for them. sigh.

  2. OK- you've officially made me hungry. I'd leave out the chipotle, but the rest sounds good.

    That watch is very cool.