Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 375 - Christmas

It seemed like today was a non-stop eating extravaganza. After eating a big breakfast ourselves, we took the Dalmatian Rescue dogs up at K-9 University their Christmas dinner. Each of the dogs gets a fresh chicken breast on holidays after their walk. The dogs love this special Christmas treat, but they certainly don't linger over their meal. This year Alvin won the fastest eater award. It seemed like he finished his entire bowl of chicken before I could count to ten. We played with the dogs for a while after feeding and walking them and then went home to fix our own Christmas dinner.

Janet cooked a Crown Roast of Pork this year and the house smelled delicious while it was in the oven. We enjoyed our meal with a sweet potato casserole, green beans and cornbread stuffing. It really seemed more like Sunday today than Saturday. I think will be strange not to go back to work tomorrow, because it definitely feels like Sunday evening to me right now.

It was a lot colder today than I expected. I don't think the temperature got above 35 degrees all day. Dot and Dash wore their Winter coats on their evening walk and we all got a big surprise when we rounded a corner in the trail and saw a disheveled looking man sitting on a green folding chair up in a tree ahead of us. The man was talking on his cell phone as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be sitting high in a tree on Christmas Day in a green folding chair. On a cold day like this I would have thought that all the nuts would be home talking to their television sets, but clearly this guy had other ideas. I'm still not sure if the guy was a bird watcher or a serial killer. Dot certainly didn't like him though. As soon as she saw the guy in the tree, she started the high pitched, frantic barking she usually reserves for the garbage truck.

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