Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 384

I hope my accountant is reading this. He'll be very happy to know that I'm finally retiring my ancient accounting software. I'm probably the only person on the planet who is atill using MacMoney to run their business. This software is so old that when I begain using the application in 1988, I had to install it from a floppy disk. Ever since then, this simple, but reliable program has been keeping track of the good years and the bad. For 23 years MacMoney never crashed or lost any data. It's kind of a shame I finally have to ditch this old workhorse, but it only runs on OS 9 and I'll never be able to get rid of my old computer until I say good bye to the even older software that resides on it.

I went to the Apple Store this afternoon and bought the latest version of QuickBooks. If you're going to change accounting systems, it's best to do it in early January so you don't have to manually enter mountains of information. If you're thinking "why doesn't he just import all his old information," you've got to remember where the information is coming from. Absolutely nothing can import data from MacMoney.

It didn't really feel like a work day today, but it did feel like the holidays are over. We took the Christmas tree down and put the stockings away for another year. When I went to the Apple Store, the mall seemed empty compared to the crowds that packed the place last week. It's sad the Christmas season is over so quickly. Back to work! I did get a few requests for website changes today, but a lot of people are still on vacation. Things probably won't get busy again until next week.

Janet and I went out for burgers tonight. It's been ages since I've had a cheeseburger. A bacon cheeseburger, no less! It all felt kind of decadent. I certainly couldn't eat this way everyday, but it's nice to forget about calories and cholestrol every once in a while. Tomorrow, it's back to reality.

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  1. I love my Apple Quick Books! I can NOT believe you were still using MacMoney - that is hilarious to me.

    Aren't cheeseburgers the best sometimes?

  2. My life is simple. I track finances in a plain old spreadsheet