Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 395

Ever since I decided to embrace social media, I've noticed that I have a a lot more messages to answer. I guess that's the nature of social media. It's social. People want to have lunch. They ask me to join things. There are questions that need to be answered. These are all good things, but they do take time. Today, I didn't even finish answering my e-mail until after lunch. By the time I got caught up with my regular daily website updates, it was almost time for supper.

At least it isn't as cold as it was last week. The dogs didn't need their coats when I walked them this morning and I was able to get my work done without spending the day wearing a big bulky sweater. The days are starting to get longer again too. As the sun set on our evening walk, I started to wonder about all the things I've been hearing on the news about astrological signs being out of date. Jeez, my whole identity is based on being a Gemini. I don't know if I could live with being a Taurus, but that's apparently what some people think I am now.

The dogs don't dwell on such things. I think all Dash has been thinking about lately is how to snatch my breakfast again. Ever since he ate my entire breakfast a few days ago while I was outside talking with the guy from the power company, he's been hovering around the table every morning, looking for an opportune moment to grab everything again.

The local health food store called today and said they were doing cholestrol screenings again this weekend. I think I'll go. I've had so much blood work done recently that I probably don't need any more tests, but I'm hooked on the health food store's low prices. I still don't see how they can offer tests for $25 that Labcorp charges my doctor $400 for. Somewhere hidden in the difference between these two prices is the solution to the whole health care mess.

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  1. I definitely chuckled at your solution to the healthcare mess. Have to agree.