Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 397

I've finally gotten enough things installed correctly on the new computer that I'm starting to tell people "I love my new computer" instead of "I hate my new computer." I've successfully transfered just about all of my image files, so I can start doing design work again. Dreamweaver can communicate with all my clients websites. My accounting system is functional. I'm just about ready to put the old computer back in the box and haul it off to the storage warehouse. Most of the things my friends told me about Snow Leopard are true. It definitely loads faster and appears to be relatively trouble free. I love the new built-in app store. I've grown so fond of the iPhone app store that it seems like a fabulous idea to have the same thing available for my computer. I may never buy software in a shrink wrap box again.

We've got three new Dalmatians entering the rescue program this week. One is coming from Longview, one from Waco, and the third is here in town. All three new dogs are females, which is a good thing, since currently we only have males available. I need to get these new dogs photographed early next week so we can get them up on the website and find them homes. We haven't had this few dogs available to adopt for a long time. That's actually a good thing too, since it means we did a pretty good job of finding them homes last year.

This is the third or fourth day in a row that I've woken up to the sound of rain on the roof. The rain eventually stopped, but it was cold and dreary all day. The dogs knew it was the day they usually go to the dog park, but of course the park was closed again due to bad weather. They were completely disgusted by all the house cleaning going on and kept standing by the front door, waiting to go somewhere in the car. As soon as the floors were clean, we took them on a walk, so they could track mud in the house again.

I joined an association of local pet business owners this week. I never really think of my company as a pet related business, but I guess it is. I design websites for veterinarians. I photograph dogs and cats. I sit on the boards of rescue organizations. I'll probably fit right in with the groomers, dog biscuit bakers and day care providers who are the other members of this group. I still do some writing for the oil and gas industry too. Just enough so I can join their organizations as well.

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  1. snowing and blowing and cold here today, but Maggie and I went out anyway. Supposed to be even colder at the end of the week.