Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 423

As I watched the historic events in Tahrir Square on television this morning, it got me thinking about how fundamentally the Internet has changed everything we do. This peaceful revolution might not have even gotten off the ground without the Internet and it's power to bring people together. The fact that it's become relatively easy for anyone in the world to communicate instantly with everyone else in the world doesn't leave the politicians with many places to hide. Everything is connected now. We may have lost our privacy, but I think we have gained something as well. It's harder to fool people now. Unscrupulous merchants almost instantly get bad reviews on Angie's List. Neighborhood Associations form groups on Facebook to fight zoning changes. Flash Mobs form at the drop of a hat to sing Handel's Messiah in shopping mall food courts. Perhaps Egypt's revolution was just a Flash Mob carried to it's logical conclusion.

I think we are right in the middle of the largest social experiment the world has ever known. We already take things for granted that would have seemed inconceivable fifteen years ago. Facebook has become our neighborhood. Twitter is how we gossip. And anybody, anywhere in the world can become our friend or join our cause. Personally, I think this is a good thing, although living in an interconnected world is still something I'm getting used to.

I have clients in Europe that I've never met personally. This would never have happened without the Internet. Who knows? Maybe there are people in South America or Asia who would be interested in helping Dalmatian Rescue. I've got to learn how to reach out to these people. I still remember the first time someone in China wrote me and send pictures of their two Dalmatians walking with them in Tiananmen Square. I was amazed that they even had Dalmatians in China.

We've got to get up early tomorrow and give the dogs a bath. Dot is making a personal appearance at the Foxy Paws store to promote Sunday's photo event and she needs to look her best. She also needs to act her best. Dot, if you've listening, please, no barking at the little dogs who come into the store in someone's purse.

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  1. Well, there's no denying the power of what just happened in Egypt. I'll give the technology that. I still think I'll go hide, though.

    Dot, are you listening? Be good for your dad!