Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 472 - April Fool's Day

I hate going to the doctor. It's always depressing. Even though my lab work was actually better than it was on my last visit, it's still pretty obvious that I'm already on the glide path to oblivion. Eating healthy and getting lots of exercise don't really make you any younger. They just postpone the inevitable a bit.

Today, we talked about cutting back on the sugar in my diet. It has to be done, because for the last year or so all the lab work indicates that I am pre-diabetic. I definitely don't want to become a diabetic if I can prevent it, but I certainly am getting tired of giving up all my favorite things. I've already given up bacon and alcohol. Now, I'm going to have to give up my morning waffles, drenched in a sea of maple syrup. Ironically, I didn't have this craving for maple syrup when I was drinking. My doctor say this is all pretty normal. The body immediately converts alcohol to glucose anyway, and when the alcohol is eliminated, the body tries to get the sugar some other way. When I has a glass of wine with dinner and a Martini before bed, I never felt like eating anything sweet. Now I want dessert after every meal. At any rate, I'm pretty good at giving up things. We'll just add sugar to the growing list of things I can no longer enjoy. Technically, sugar isn't even the enemy here. It is my desire to combine sugar with carbohydrates. Pancakes and syrup. Waffles or french toast with lots of syrup and whipped cream. Donuts. Not a great combination for maintaining proper blood sugar levels.

No April Fool's jokes today. Who knows? Maybe this week's lack of work was all an extended joke. I don't think so though. Things are just slow. I sure hope the economy picks up by Summer. So far, this year hasn't exactly gotten off to a stellar start. At least the stock market is hanging in there. An up day in the market can still balance out a bad day at the office.

I retrieved one of my neighbors dogs this afternoon. The friendly Chocolate Lab was just wandering around loose and appeared lost. I have returned countless neighborhood dogs to their homes over the years. I seem to be the only one around during the day. Kids leave the gate open. Parents leave the gate open. Dogs even learn how to open the gate themselves. Luckily, most of these loose dogs are very nice and it isn't hard to lure them home again. It's strange how casual many people are about their dogs however. I would never go off and leave my own dogs in the backyard when I leave the house. I feel much safer when they're inside sleeping on their favorite blanket.

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  1. Wishing you didn't have health issues... not much fun. My health is good, and I'm not too enamored of growing older every year. Don't want to be a teen, but being stuck at about 45 would be good for me... no wait... needs to be after hot flashes were DONE!

  2. hi John! hope you'd have the will to avoid those "deliciously yummy sweets!"...ha ha

    "Dogs even learn how to open the gate themselves." --so true:-)
    Way to go for being a good neighbor! Happy Saturday!