Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 481

We went looking at televisions this afternoon. I actually thought we'd come home with one, but we didn't. One thing I learned today is that most electronics retailers like Fry's and Best Buy don't actually stock the cool new models that get all the good reviews on the Internet. Instead, they have a lot of slightly older models that they are trying to get rid of. There must be a larger profit margin on the really huge flat screens too. There were tons of TV out there that wouldn't even fit through our front door, but not nearly as wide a selection of the smaller 32 inch models we were looking for. When you ask which TV is they most reliable, dependable model, the salespeople don't even know anymore. They just try to sell you an extended warranty package and say you can bring it back if anything goes wrong. Quality has essentially become a function of service these days and seems to have less and less to do with the product itself. Maybe I'll just buy a TV online. I already buy just about everything else online anyway.

It's weird. I'm always the first to lament the demise of small businesses around town, but my buying habits are probably exactly why many small businesses are having trouble. It's just so much easier to buy online. You don't have to fight the traffic and there is generally no sales tax. Just click your mouse a few times and a few days the FedEx guy delivers your order to your front door.

It was nice dog walking weather today. Almost every time I walk the dogs in the park, I see something that I can't really explain. Today I saw two uniformed state game wardens sitting on top of a hill in their green four wheel drive pickup, looking out over the lake with high powered binoculars. I don't know what they were looking for. I looked in the same general direction and all I saw were two people flying kites and a guy taking pictures of wildflowers. I certainly didn't see any wild animals, although there are plenty living in the park. Maybe there's a problem that I'm not aware of. With the diverse crowd that frequents the park on weekends now, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if someone weren't picking off the large turtles one by one and using them to make turtle soup.

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  1. I love TV's, I love watching TV on the new flat HD boob tubes. I guess we can't call them boob tubes anymore(?).

    How about a HDboobScreen? Remember you read it here first.

    I'm saving for another HDboobScreen, I have a 42" and want a BIGGERboob.

    Happy Trails...

  2. Might I suggest Conn's? That is where we buy our big box items like TVs. They always seem to have a good selection and their prices are usually good. (No, this is not a paid advertisement.)

  3. Maybe they were pretending to watch for ducks or something so that they could take a break.