Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 488

Where did the weekend go? It's too bad that tomorrow isn't a holiday, because it would be nice to have another day to rest up from this weekend's pet picture marathon. Although we didn't take nearly as many pictures as we did during last Easter's pet picture event, the whole thing seemed just as tiring. With each passing year, the equipment seems to grow heavier and heavier. No complaints though. Dalmatian Rescue made some good contacts for future events, and we all enjoyed meeting the newest members of our rescue program. We picked up another dog today from Denton Animal Control. The new girl's name is Bella and she was an instant hit with everyone in the store.

It's too bad it is so hard to find a venue for these pet picture events, because our little team has become quite good at them. We take credit cards on our iPhones. We have a large flat panel display showing pictures from previous photo events. We can print everything for our customers right on the spot, including T-shirts and tote bags. We've become pros.

I really hope I can connect with my client's contacts in Houston tomorrow, so I can finally make my hotel and plane reservations for the upcoming May trade show. The event is getting closer and closer and nothing has been finalized yet. It's weird. I can't turn the TV on for ten minutes without seeing one of those ads for Travelocity or Expedia claiming to make travel easy and cheap. Whenever I try to use these services however, they always come up with nothing. I still have more faith in my client finding me a room than I have in Travelocity.

Once again I have a big pile of photo equipment just waiting for me to trip over it in the front hallway. I'll need to take that stuff back to the storage warehouse tomorrow morning. Then we can move on to other things, like fixing the website I was supposed to finish last Friday.

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  1. That watch is a hoot! Sorry that moving all that stuff around is such a hassle. It really sounds awful. That's why my place is such a clutter. I like everything to be on hand, not "put away."