Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 496

More rain today. This weather is wearing me out. The days have become a blur of sweeping water off the roof, providing TLC for two storm phobic dogs, and worrying about whether the electricity will go out before I finish my next website deadline. I've banged my head so many times on a large low hanging Oak branch while I'm up on the roof that I don't think it will ever heal. The dogs seem OK now, but are so many dog blankets under my desk so they'll have a comfortable place to hide from the storms that I'm having trouble finding room for my feet.

Life goes on though. I talked to my contacts in Houston this morning and we basically decided that it would be wise to have a Plan B and perhaps even a Plan C. I'll get those videos shot and uploaded even if I have to do it from my hotel room. The good news is that I now know how to upload good looking 1080 HD video to YouTube. It took me a while to realize that the convenient little YouTube upload button Apple provides in it's Quicktime Player software wasn't getting me anywhere. It appears to upload the video, but just about when the process is finished, the dreaded spinning beachball appears along with a message that says "your upload is still being processed." That message would probably stay on your screen to the end of time if you let it. I hate to admit it, but everything worked fine when I eventually started uploading to YouTube the same way Windows users do.

After solving a bunch of trivial website problems, I went out and bought the new TV that Janet and I had been planning on getting. You don't just turn on a new TV and adjust the rabbit ears anymore. When I turned on this TV for the first time, I was greeted with a 25 step install program on the screen that took me over an hour to complete. Most of the setup procedure was pretty straightforward, but it took me quite a while to get the TV to find the office WiFi network. It always takes me a long time to hook up new things to the WiFi network because I'm continually forgetting the firewall settings on the router. All's well that ends well though. I now have a TV that can talk to my computer. Lord knows why I'd want to send an e-mail to my television, but the capability's there if I ever need it. One of the more interesting things about this TV is that it is supposed to turn itself off if nobody is in the room. I wonder if it counts dogs as people? Only Dot and Dash are in the room with the new TV this evening, and it's still on.

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  1. Good to hear it's raining again! Is it enough and in the right places to help put out the fires?

    Our local news isn't saying which leads me to believe that danger is averted for the time being.

    Hope so, take care.

  2. I wonder if the TV turns off if there is no motion. Couch potatoes and sleeping husbands might turn it off in that case. Too fancy-dancy!