Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 517

It's time to retire all my Beta-SP equipment. I got a call to shoot some video for a TV commercial tomorrow and realized that the inexpensive little HD camera I took to Houston with me a few weeks ago was better suited for the job that all my old "studio quality" analog equipment. The client is probably going to roll their eyes a bit when I show up tomorrow with a little pocket camera that isn't much bigger than an iPhone. "You're not going to shoot a TV commercial with that," they'll say. Hey, whatever works has always been my philosophy. I'm going with the little camera that records great looking HD video on an SD memory card.

The week is actually off to a pretty good start. My new HVAC client likes the initial design I showed him for his website. This is always a good sign. Sometimes you can still salvage things when they hate the initial design, but it's always an uphill battle. I have a feeling that this particular website is about 75% done. We still have to flesh out the staff bios, add some more pictures and get some of the database driven features to work properly, but we're definitely on the home stretch.

Now that I'm starting to get a lot of Twitter followers, I need to figure out an easy way to get rid of all the spammers. When I just had a few followers, I wasn't even aware that these folks existed, but there are tons of them. Typically these people are following from two to five hundred people, have absolutely no Tweets of their own, and are usually from Russia. I just need some sort of automated thingie that will automatically unfollow anyone who Tweets using a cyrillic keyboard and I'll get rid of 95% of these spammers.

I think the nail that Dot tore out last month during the thunderstorm is starting to grow back. I didn't really expect that it would grow back at all, but today I felt the tip of a nail starting to protrude through her paw pad. Maybe Dot will get lucky this time.

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  1. Can you identify the daily watches?

  2. That would be great news for Dot. One of our dogs had a foot caught in a trap and was missing for 2 days before we found her. Vet thought she might lose at least two toes if not the foot, but it all healed and grew back. Amazing!