Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 542

Kudos to Ace Bees. It hasn't even been 48 hours since the beekeepers came out to the house and already all the bees have flown away. I guess I'm almost ready ready for stage two of the process. This is where I remove the special strip with the smell that the bees don't like and let the other neighborhood bees come and steal the rest of the honey. So far, everything has worked exactly the way the beekeeper said it would. Coincidentally, I received a message on my LinkedIn wall this morning from someone who lives in my neighborhood. He said he was sorry that I probably had inherited his bees. Apparently three or four months ago, he had a similar bee problem at his house and when his bees flew away, he though they might have flown over to my house. We'll never know for sure. Bees don't talk. It does make me wonder though were my colony of bees are going to make their next hive. Hopefully, it will be somewhere in the nearby park, instead of another house.

I certainly don't have any accolades for the company that sold me the Quark Express software a few days ago. When I discovered that they were indefinitely out of stock of the product, I tried to cancel my order today. The person I talked to on the phone told me that the company couldn't cancel the order because my order number corresponded to a different customer name. Everything looked correct when I logged in to my website account, but I couldn't convince the offshore call center people that I was really me. When I couldn't get the call center folks to give me the name and number of someone who actually worked for the software sales company here in the United States, I gave up and called Paypal for help instead. At least Paypal knows who I am. Maybe they can help me get the order canceled. One thing is certain. I'm definitely not buying anything from these folks again.

I happened to catch part of my favorite Dr. Who episode while I was washing dishes today. This was the show where the doctor and Amy Pond meet Vincent Van Gogh and take him back to the present day Louvre so that he can see for himself that he had succeeded as a painter. I don't know why this show resonates with me. Probably because I think that nobody will remember me after I'm dead either. Lots of TV today. Janet and I were watching the National Geographic Channel during dinner and happened to see a re-run of the show I did with the friendly goat. The last time I saw this show, I viewed it on an old 4:3 Sony Trinitron. The footage I shot looked great then. This time, I watched the show on a new 16:9 flat screen. Everything looked like it was cropped all wrong. I guess it makes sense. I shot the footage on a 4:3 Beta-SP camera. Oh well. I doubt that I'll be using a 4:3 aspect ratio ever again.

In an effort to clear out some additional space in my storage warehouse, I gave away four inkjet printers, two scanners, a CRT monitor and an old Acoustic Research turntable to a resale shop run by an animal rescue group I like. All these things that I gave away still work. Most of them actually look like new, but I doubt that anyone will want them. Nobody wants old technology. You can't even give it away to schools. There's probably a 99% chance that my old printers and scanners are already in a dumpster somewhere. At least I have now room to fill up the storage space with newer old junk.

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  1. I know what you mean about old technology. I have an outbuilding with a huge stack of old computer stuff that we have to get rid of.