Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 678

It was a fantastic day for photography. I didn't even realize how special the day was until I took the dogs on their morning walk. We were immediately enveloped in a thick fog. The trouble with foggy mornings is that usually the fog burns off long before I can grab a camera. After about fifteen minutes, I could tell that this fog was burning off very slowly. Even though the dogs were in no hurry and wanted to smell every dew laden bush, it looked like I might be able to still have time to take a few pictures after I got them home again. I love weather like this. The light is soft and even. The ground is usually covered with dew. Most importantly, on days like this, the fog lifts very gradually, revealing different objects in the background over time. A foggy day is different from a rainy day, because when the fog lifts, the sky is usually perfectly clear.

When I got the dogs back to the house, I grabbed my camera gear and headed back to the lake. I got quite a few nice shots of sailboats in the mist as the fog lifted. As an added bonus, there were lots of spiderwebs near the shore, covered with tiny pearls of dew. For about an hour, everything around me looked like a picture postcard, and then the sun appeared through the mist and it was all over.

Getting some decent photos for a change put me in a good mood, so when I got home, I made a big pot of coffee, diced some bell peppers, mixed in some salsa and hot sausage, added a few eggs and made breakfast burritos. By the time I finished breakfast, it was noon.

I spent the rest of the day doing some much needed bookkeeping. I balanced my checkbook, paid a bunch of bills and took them down to the post office. I didn't open Dreamweaver at all today. Even though there is still a little unfinished web business on my desk, I think it can wait until tomorrow.

The vet called today to confirm Dash's dental appointment tomorrow. Oops. I had to explain to them that it was actually Dot who was having her teeth cleaned tomorrow. They had gotten the two dogs mixed up in their appointment book. Everybody gets things mixed up these days. Avid sent me the wrong Media Composer software. The Land Rover dealer skipped some essential items during my service check. Sometimes I wonder how many things I forget when dealing with my own clients. Probably quite a few.

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  1. Very nice fog pictures John...thanks for sharing with us! :)

  2. I think some places "forget" things on purpose. As soon as I fill my card and get my free oil change, I'm switching places. I am paying for a check of X number of extras, but I was pretty sure they weren't doing them all. Last time I was leaving on a trip and I wanted to be sure the tire pressure was checked. So I watched VERY carefully. They did not check them. I asked them to do it and they had the nerve to tell me they already did. I said that I knew they had not and insisted they do it. There's a big difference between sloppy and lying.