Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 681

It was a chilly, gray day. Janet got me up early to walk the dogs, because it was supposed to start raining any minute. The rain didn't actually begin until well after supper, but it's definitely raining now. The colder weather this morning reminded me that I still hadn't picked up my jacket at the tailor after I asked them to put in a new zipper last week. After picking up the jacket, I went to the bank and then back home again. There's no point in going far on a chilly, gray day.

Luckily, the dreary day was good for something. I made myself a pot of chili to eat and set about catching up on work. I edited another video for my doctor client, wrote another watch article and tried to get caught up on another week's worth of website revisions. It wasn't a pretty day, but it definitely was a productive day.

The dogs didn't seem to mind being cooped up in the house while I worked. They don't even like the thought of rain, so every time I let them out in the yard, they immediately came right back in the house anyway. It was definitely more comfortable inside. The furnace was working. The house was toasty warm. And there were plenty of dog blankets for them to sleep on.

I need to remember to turn on the television and watch the Rangers game. With any luck, they could win the World Series tonight. The team certainly came close last year and hopefully they can go all the way this time around. It might not be raining in St. Louis, but it's raining cats and dogs in Dallas right now. I wish I'd remembered to take the trash out to the street a little earlier. I'm going to get wet, but I still got a lot done today.

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  1. Well, whomever we are for, we get to watch another game!