Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 717

Another gray Winter day. It wasn't that cold, but it certainly was damp. Seems like I spent half the day cleaning mud off the dogs paws. The dogs like this type of weather because all the smells in the park seem stronger. I've got mixed feelings. Damp shadowless days like this are great for photography, but I haven't properly waterproofed my boots this year. By the time I get home from our walks, my shoes and socks are completely wet.

Now that I've gotten in the habit of taking Instagram pictures everyday, I'm thinking about getting a better small camera to take with me on our walks. There's a lot more to photograph than I initially thought, but the iPhone isn't always the best tool to capture the images I'm looking for.

I spent a considerable amount of time writing today and got a lot done. Now, it's time to start packing all the photo gear for tomorrow's Dalmatian Rescue Santa Paws photo event. This event starts earlier than I'd like, but I don't have much choice in the matter. That's why I pack everything up the night before. Our regular Santa is out of town this week, so we have a new Santa tomorrow. Rumor has it that our new guy is a "professional" Santa. As long as he has a lot of stamina, he'll be fine.

I keep hearing on the radio that a major cold front is headed our way. It should start raining tomorrow afternoon, with sleet and possibly our first snow by Monday. I guess this makes sense. The big White Rock Marathon race in our neighborhood is this Sunday. For as long as I've lived in Dallas, it has virtually always rained for this event. I don't know what motivates those runners. I'd much rather be taking pet pictures than running a marathon in the rain.

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  1. Love the blue and white in that shot and the similar shapes