Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 805

I just found out that if you call FedEx in advance, they'll hold your package at the nearest Fedex facility instead of putting it on the truck. I wish I'd known about this earlier. I've wasted entire days waiting for the FedEx guy to come, just so I could sign the little electronic "signature required" form. I started requesting "signature required" after FedEx started leaving packages with a neighbor who never bothered to tell me that he was holding them for me. At any rate, spending five minutes driving up to the Fedex facility vs waiting an entire day for the truck to arrive is a no-brainer. I may never have them put anything on the truck again.

I've been hearing so much about Pinterest lately that I've been thinking about setting up an account and then using it to drive more traffic to my site. Well, maybe that's not such a good idea. I just read the Terms of Service and discovered that if you pin your own original material on Pinterest, you are essentially giving them unlimited rights to do whatever they want with it. According to the Terms of Service agreement, Pinterest can re-purpose, edit and even sell your content. No thank you. I don't think I'll be putting any stories or photos on Pinterest.

I got a cool little USB Flash drive in the shape of a wristband from Klout today. It's probably the last perk I'll ever get though. My score has been dropping like a stone. That's the trouble with social media. It demands continuous attention. To avoid actually talking to anyone, I've linked virtually every story, photo, and song I've ever created to my Twitter account. I'm running out of new stuff to Tweet though. The original content is drying up and I'm discovering that nobody will re-Tweet something they've seen five times already. Maybe I could just start chit-chatting like everyone else to keep my numbers up. That's not me though. I'd much rather put notes in bottles and throw them out to sea than actually participate in a conversation with someone.

I don't have that much time to talk anyway. Just writing a few articles and running a couple of necessary errands used all my time today. At least I can cross a few things off my list. The big poster that I've been afraid the dogs would wrinkle or damage has been safely delivered to my veterinarian client. A new employee photo shoot has been scheduled with my doctor client. Another round of prescriptions have been picked up from the pharmacy and the dogs have had their dinner. I'll start tomorrow by going to the FedEx office.

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  1. Pinterest is fun. so why not give it a try.I'll foll your posting. I'm still trying to figure out how it works.I have found som cool thing in my travels.