Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 839

There are times when I think getting something fixed is simply impossible. The electrician came out today to fix the mercury vapor lamp in the back yard. The first thing he said was that the bulb in my lamp was obsolete and that nobody made them anymore. Not a big deal, I thought. "Just replace the entire unit," I said. I figured that since these types of lamps were quite common, they'd just have one on the truck. Nope! They didn't have any mercury vapor lamps on the truck at all, even though they'd known for a week that this is what I wanted fixed. The two electricians said they'd go to Home Depot and see what they could find. An hour later they returned, saying that Home Depot had nothing and that they'd have to come back later. As you might expect, there was a lot of frantic dog barking during this episode, and of course the light still doesn't work.

I'm really tired of dealing with broken things, but that certainly doesn't keep things from breaking. Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow. The washing machine repairman is coming back in the morning with the part that is supposed to get the complicated machine working again. One can only hope. In the mean time, I went to the paint store and bought some paint. Painting is definitely not one of my favorite things, but I've discovered that it's much easier to do little painting jobs myself than it is to find a painter willing to do a small job for an equally small price. Nobody wants to do little jobs anymore. It just isn't worth their time. Even though it is frustrating, I guess I understand. I don't like to do little jobs either. I always prefer big, complex jobs. It's the only way you can make any money.

Although it wasn't a terribly productive day, I did manage to get a few things done. I made an appointment to take Dot to the vet. I made another appointment with my potential new web design client. Oh, I did a load of laundry too. The machine always works for me. It just doesn't work for Janet. Somehow, I can't convince her to throw lights, darks, and towels together in one huge load that completely fills the tub.

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  1. Why should your life be any different than the rest of us?

  2. Hey John,

    My broken thing of the day is U-Verse cable TV. After doing Saturday night with no TV, our Sunday repair person came out and fixed our problem only to leave us with one TV that has none of our recordings, and refuses to record anything new. This has been our experience with AT&T. They are so nice on the phone. Come out quickly. Most of the repair people are very friendly (not this one, sadly), fix our problem, but always leave us with a new problem. Now if these service calls always cost us money, I could see a purpose to this trend, but that is not the case. Sometimes we pay, but mostly we do not. What's up with this? I did have one tech guy, an original Ma Bell employee...I know...shock, shock...tell me it was just luck of the draw. Some techs are really sharp and some are terrible and everything in between. I guess it's the box of chocolate never know what you're gonna get! Ugh. Denice Elliott

  3. Repair people make me nuts. Just found out today that the ISP we've used for 15 years isn't going to offer email any more. Do you have any idea how many places on the web and all over have that email on them? I also have to move my personal web site. Went to register a domain for it and somehow $7.99/year for 3 years totaled to $49. No.... Can't figure what they added on. I didn't cash out. Will try to figure it out tomorrow.