Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 847

I got a new client today. As often happens, I also learned something about an industry I didn't even know existed. My new client makes the tools that allow high-tech computerized lathes and milling machines to rapidly carve things like apple keyboards out of blocks of solid metal. I watched as massive half million dollar machines shaped blocks of tungsten steel into the precision tools needed for automated manufacturing. It was kind of amazing that all this was going on in an inconspicuous warehouse district about five miles from my house. Evidently, there are only two shops with these sophisticated capabilities in the entire North Texas area and their customers come from all over the world. My job is to build the company a website that works as well as their machines. I like complex mechanical things, so the assignment sounds like a fun project.

A number of loose ends got tied up today. My taxes are finished and it looks like I'll be getting a refund. I reached an agreement with my former tenant and it looks like I'll be sending her a check for a portion of her security deposit. I paid some more bills and I had hopes of getting my April invoices out before I ran out of time. Sometimes life seems like nothing more than moving money from one pile to another. It comes in and it goes out again. I never seem to be able to hang on to the stuff for very long.

The park was full of butterflies today. It's that time of year. It's not easy to photograph butterflies when you're walking two rambunctious Dalmatians, but I did manage to get a few decent shots. My whole photography style has changed. I used to dedicate an afternoon every month or two to taking photos without the dogs. Now, I just take a camera along with me whenever we take our walks. Dot and Dash do ruin a few good shots, but there are so many more photo opportunities on long dog walks that I'm starting to capture things that I never though possible before.

I need to call a plumber soon. I can't decide whether to fix our own house or the rent house first. It would make sense to give my own leak top priority, but if the plumber goes to the rent house first, I won't need to deal with all the dog barking.

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  1. What I want to know is you you managed to color coordinate that butterfly with the flower!