Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 850

At least it's Friday! I don't even mind that it's Friday the 13th. Actually, luck was with me today. I finally got the garbage disposal fixed at the rent house. While I was there, I noticed that the final coat of paint had dried nicely, so the place is finally ready to show. On the way home, I stopped by my accountant's office to pick up my tax information. All I really needed were the 1040ES forms for next year's quarterly estimated taxes and of course, the bill from the accountant for preparing everything. When I deduct the quarterly payments I already made last year and the bill I just got for tax preparation, my tax refund amounts to exactly nothing. That's right, nothing! Oh well, at least taxes are over for another year.

I had a tasty omelet for breakfast at The Broken Egg Cafe. It's nice not to have to do breakfast dishes on Friday. I'd eat out more often if restaurant food didn't have so much salt in it. Chef's love salt, because it's an easy and proven way to make food tastier. That's unfortunate, because I really try to avoid the stuff. I think cutting down on your salt intake is one of the easiest ways to stay a little healthier. Cutting down on sugar would be good too, but that's a little harder for me. I've got a sweet tooth.

After several months of taking a camera along with me on our dog walks, I find that I'm starting to run out of subjects. I think I've photographed every single squirrel and bird in the park by now, along with a few bunnies and snakes. Every once in a while I'll still stumble on something new, but these occasions are few and far between. I'll continue bringing the camera though. It's a pretty safe bet that the day I leave the thing at home will be the day when I see something that I've been waiting to photograph for months. The dogs don't seem to mind the camera and occasionally, I take pictures of them as well.

I'm hoping for a nice weekend. There's lots of yardwork that needs to be done. There are two new dogs that need to be photographed at The Velvet Snout, and of course there's still that pesky St. Augustine turf that needs to be installed in the back yard. It's too much for one weekend, but maybe I'll get enough done to make a dent in things.

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  1. Yup, just the day I don't take the camera "just out back" a hawk will fly over or something. Of course, I did have the camera for the Vesper Sparrow. That was a lucky catch. I wasn't nearly close enough to ID it outside, I just thought it wasn't one of the ones I usually see.