Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 857

I returned to the trendy restaurant this morning to see what their breakfast was like. When I arrived around 10:30 AM, the place was virtually empty because all the cool people were already at work. The cool food was still being served however, so everything was fine with me. I ordered eggs over easy, served on a bed of succulent pulled pork with home-made hash browns. The eggs were just right; not too runny and not too hard. The music was just right too. No old Eagles tunes transformed into elevator music here. The soundtrack of my breakfast sounded like I was at at a pleasant Sixth Street bar in Austin. Even the coffee met with my approval. I certainly didn't get freshly made French Press at my regular breakfast restaurant. I'll definitely go back to this place again. It's not often that you get to enjoy a genuinely cool restaurant without all the irritating cool people.

On the way home it rained just enough to force me up on the roof with the push broom again. I wish there was something useful to do with all the water that accumulates on the roof. This water didn't even look drinkable though. The green flowers that form as the Oak trees are budding had all fallen to the roof and stained the water a dirty yellow green. It looked like a giant had peed on the roof.

Jeez, I just noticed that Blogger has changed its layout again. As I'm composing this, I'm noticing that all the buttons and widgets are in different places. Why?  It's not that different. Just different enough to slow me down a bit. Google+ did the same thing with their layout a few seeks ago, and the whole desire to freshen everything up was probably started when Facebook switched to their new timeline format. It's almost like the entire population has ADD with the attention span of a fruit fly. If all these new formats were better, it might actually mean something. They aren't better though. They're just different. I guess I'm not easily bored. I haven't changed my company website in over ten years. I may never change it.

Dalmatian Rescue has another casino party benefit this weekend. We haven't had one of these events for quite a while now. It's a good thing my job is easy or I would have forgotten it by now. I just spin the roulette wheel. You throw the ball in a counterclockwise direction while spinning the wheel clockwise. That's it. If only my real job was that easy.
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  1. I get particularly annoyed at all the promises that some new format is going to make things easier to use. Not bloody likely. My bank is now warning us of a new easier to use interface coming soon. So much for paying my bills in 30 min or less. At least until I get used to it.