Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 1008

When the dogs and I were out in the back yard today, we heard a loud crash that scared us all. While Dot and Dash ran back inside, I tried to figure out where the noise came from. It didn't take long. Almost immediately I saw that a large pane of plate glass had fallen off the side of the greenhouse and broken on the brick patio below. It's a good thing that the dogs were on the other side of the yard when the glass fell. There were broken shards everywhere. After I made sure the dogs were safely secured inside, I set about picking up the pieces. I'm glad that Dot and Dash instinctively avoided the glass. Petey, an earlier Dalmatian of ours, had a disastrous encounter with glass. He saw a squirrel outside on the porch and made a flying leap right through a large glass picture window. He cut himself very badly. Luckily, our vet was only four minutes away or Petey would have died. After that incident, I replaced all the glass in the house with special tempered safety glass. I never dreamed that glass could be so expensive.

There is certainly nothing special about the greenhouse glass that broke today. There is nothing special about the greenhouse itself. I thought it was pretty neat to have a greenhouse when we first moved here. After a couple of seasons of watching squirrels and Norwegian Roof Rats eat everything I tried to grow, I just gave up. Critters from the park love the greenhouse in the Winter and it is very difficult to keep them out. An explosion of feral cats in the neighborhood seems to finally be keeping the rats under control, but I've lost interest in gardening. The greenhouse is mostly just a place to keep the lawnmowers now.

It's sad to see the greenhouse deteriorate. On closer inspection, it looked like the glass had fallen off because a piece of the molding had rotted and come loose. I got a bid once for remodeling the greenhouse, but it was quite high and I ended up spending the money elsewhere. Now, the aging structure just reinforces the feeling I have that everything around me is crumbling to dust. The house, my car, even my own health is slowly, but inexorably deteriorating.

At least Dash is in good shape. He was a skinny little thing with bad skin allergies when we first adopted him. With each succeeding year, he seems to be getting stronger and healthier. Today he went to the vet for his bi-weekly antigen shot and his nurse complemented him on how nice his coat looked. I told the nurse that I wished I had paid as much attention to my own health as I do for the dogs. She laughed and said she was the same way with her own dog. Truthfully, the dogs are probably the only thing in my life that gets the attention it deserves.

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  1. Yep, I can relate to the antics of dogs! I miss our dalmation. He was a Prince, in fact, that was his name. We had Prince and Chief (the black lab) at the same time and of course, they were always getting into trouble and Prince was the instigator:>) I do enjoy your stories for they bring back wonderful memories. BTW Take a picture of greenhouse before too late. Even deteriorated buildings have character. . .