Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 1089

We're done! After photographing hundreds of dogs and snapping thousands of images, the Santa Paws pet picture events are over for another year. This is a good series of fundraisers for Dalmatian Rescue. Every picture we take helps to save another abandoned Dalmatian. Even though it is a good cause, I'm still glad the photo marathon is finally over. It's tiring taking pictures of dogs all day. Dogs aren't very impressed by photography. They've got better things to do. Some dogs like to chew on Santa's beard. Other dogs like to pee on the muslin backdrop. Very few dogs listen to the photographer at all. Despite all this, we still manage to get good pictures. Everyone seemed happy with their photos this year, and most said they'll be back to see us again next year.

With the holiday pet photos finished, it's time to clean the house and pack away some of the photo gear. I'll be taking a lot of stuff back to the storage warehouse tomorrow. Although I take pictures for clients all year long, I rarely use big sets. Maybe with all the Santa Paws gear back in its place again, we can finally get the house looking nice. It will definitely be an uphill battle. If you ever saw my office, you'd probably think the whole effort was hopeless. I'm convinced that somewhere underneath all this clutter is a thing of beauty. We've just got to find it.

With all the Santa Paws photo events during the past three weeks, Dot and Dash have been getting shortchanged on their weekend outings at the dog park. We'll try to make amends tomorrow. The weather looks nice and I can't think of one good reason not to head up North for a little play time. It's probably good to avoid our own park tomorrow anyway. There's a big marathon race on Sunday and the place will be packed with people.

Our dog training class had a Christmas party tonight, but Janet and I were both too tired to attend. By the time I got all the photography stuff unloaded out of the car and took the dogs on their evening walk, all I really felt like doing was taking a long nap. Janet hasn't completely recovered from the food poisoning episode either. Maybe by this time next week, everything will be back to normal.

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