Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 1093

There must be a lot of people with dyslexia on the Internet. Although 12/12/12 is significant in its own right, I couldn't believe how many people got today mixed up with 12/21/12 and posted something about the impending end of the world. I like these days where all the numbers line up. At noon today, there were even four twelves that lined up for a brief moment. That's the end of it though. There won't be another day like this in my lifetime, or yours. For such a momentous time, it was all pretty ordinary at our house. The dogs got walked. Some articles got written. One website got updated. That's about it.

Maybe 12/21/12 will be different. That's next week, when the Mayan calendar runs out and the world is supposed to end. Somehow, I suspect that will be a pretty ordinary day as well.

I finally got my invoices in the mail today, along with a single Christmas card to a relative so old that she probably doesn't even know the Internet exists. Remember when Christmas cards were a big deal? When I was a kid, everyone had dozens, even hundreds of them sitting on coffee tables and pinned to the curtains during the holiday season. I continued this tradition for many years, but gradually found myself sending fewer and fewer cards each year. When people started sending those animated e-cards, I gave up on printed cards entirely. It's hard to tell anymore whether I have no friends, or just no desire to send cards.

I do have a desire for warmer weather. It's been unseasonably cold all week. The dogs are getting rebellious about wearing their sweaters on their morning walk. I think they feel constricted, but it's either that or feeling cold when the walk is about halfway finished. There really isn't a good solution to this one. Dot and Dash hate the cold, but they don't appear to like their sweaters either.

My appeal for exciting assignments appears to have fallen on deaf ears. I still have plenty to do, but the work is lackluster and often boring. I see the dogs sleeping on a pile of blankets as I type away and often feel like joining them. That's a slippery slope though. Once you start sleeping with the dogs during the day, you might as well just be a dog.

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  1. I think you chose Savannah's picture to line up with your desire of the day! Some days I think being a dog wouldn't be so bad.