Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 1146 - Super Bowl Sunday

We left Shreveport behind this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that most of my fears about traveling with the dogs were unfounded. Dot and Dash definitely stepped up to the challenge. They both proved themselves to be great little travelers. With an abundance of dog friendly hotels and roads leading in every direction, who knows where we'll go next.

After we returned to Dallas, I made my annual pilgrimage to the Culwell & Son Superbowl Sale. I go to this extravagant sale every year, because although I no longer go anywhere and don't have money to waste, I still like really nice clothes. I walked away with a couple of great looking shirts and a pair of khakis and went home to watch the Super Bowl.

We usually pig out and eat enormous amounts of meat on Super Bowl Sunday, but in honor of my new found desire to live a healthy life, Janet fixed a delicious and equally nutritious meal. I think she is happy that I'm giving up bacon, ribs and eating half a loaf of bread at dinner. Janet and the dogs have always eaten healthy meals. I've always been the anchor that kept this family's health boat from sailing. Now, maybe with everyone on the same page, doing the right thing may be a little easier for everybody.

You may wonder why I waited so long to do something so obvious. Part of the answer lies in the charmed life I've led. For most of my life I've been able to do all the wrong things and still land on my feet. I ate atrociously and never gained weight. I was a horrible employee and still managed to land a long series of really good jobs. I won't even tell you some of the other things I did, but I can assure you they weren't good. It is becoming increasingly obvious that I've used up eight of my nine lives. I can be foolish and frivolous, but I'm a realist. The time has come to make a few changes.

When I was watching the Super Bowl this evening, I was amazed at how much a power outage at the stadium changed the whole momentum of the game. The Ravens seemed invincible before the power outage knocked out the stadium lights. It was just a random event that delayed the game for fifteen or twenty minutes, but it changed everything. The Ravens floundered and struggled after the delay destroyed their momentum and barely managed to hang onto a narrow win in the game's final seconds. I think life is like this a lot. Random outside events can confuse you and quickly change everything. I guess the lesson of this game is that when life throws you a curve, the only thing you can count on is discipline. You've got to keep plugging away until luck shines on you again. A little simplistic, perhaps, but it worked for the Ravens.

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  1. That's an object lesson I needed to hear today. However, I'm not so sure about a delirious meal ;-)

    1. Oops. Thanks for pointing out the typo. :)