Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 1181

The day started well, but ended with a mishap. Dot's rear legs gave out on her evening walk and she couldn't get up again. I've been afraid this was going to happen for a long time now. Dot is getting old. I knew she could never make it home, so I called Janet to come pick us up in the car. Dot is resting comfortably now at home, but she'll need to go to the vet tomorrow. Hopefully, she just overexerted herself today and maybe sprained something. There's a good chance she tore her anterior cruciate ligament though. ACL injuries are very common with older Dalmatians. Usually when an ACL injury happens, the dog isn't doing anything strenuous. Today, Dot was just walking slowly on level ground. That's the way it happens though. The ligament tears unexpectedly, just like an old rubber band breaking. I'm going to hope for the best and not even think about surgery at this point. We've done the TPLO surgery with other dogs, and it's pretty major. We'll know more tomorrow.

I never would have dreamed that this would end up being a traumatic day. The morning was uneventful, and so was the trip to the dog park a little later. Dot even seemed playful at the dog park. Maybe she was a bit too playful.

I started getting my tax records organized to take to my accountant this afternoon. It's always disappointing to see how much money just evaporates in a normal year with very little to show for it. The gas and electric bills looked pretty normal, but the cost of phone, cable, WiFi, and Internet services has grown exponentially. Health care is even worse. You don't even want to know what I have to pay for health insurance these days. Oh, I sold a house in 2012 too. Uncle Sam is already waiting for his share of that sale. When I look at the numbers, it's hard to feel like I'm doing well. It's hard to feel like the whole country is doing well. I think we are all just treading water.

I'm doing my best to keep the economy alive though. The Land Rover folks should be doing well after they get finished taking my engine apart. Whoever wins the bid to put on my new roof should be doing pretty well to. I certainly haven't gotten any low bids on the roof yet. I've got to hire a landscaper later this Spring as well. I could always do things myself again, but that would just be throwing good money after bad. Everything I've planted in the past three years has died.

Send your prayers to Dot. She's going to need all the help she can get.

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  1. Oh bummer. This is a sad dog day. I think Maggie is in her final weeks. She fell off the couch tonight and hit her head on the coffee table. She seems ok, but she can't get up without help and tries to bite anyone who helps, so I have to quilt wrap her to lift her. I hope Dot will recover. Remind me how old she is.

    1. Dot is probably around 12 or 13 years old. We are unsure of her exact age, because we rescued her from a shelter and don't know when she was born.

  2. Hey John! I hope Dot is doing okay and is resting comfortably. If you are concerned about putting a 12 year old dog through surgery (if she did in fact tear her ACL), have you thought about conservative management? I know it all depends on what news you got at the vet, but maybe a brace would be beneficial at her age; less stressful overall. There's a company called WoundWear that makes a surgery-alternative brace. The brace also can be used as a precautionary measure. Just thought I'd pass along the information! Good luck to you and Dot! Here's their website:

    PS- Sorry about your health insurance bill and pending roof repair. :(

    1. Amazing! Finally a post from you that isn't blatant spam. I'd publish more of your posts if you weren't such a habitual spammer. Even here, you are trying to push WoundWear, but at least you made an effort at a personal message. Congratulations on a rare but genuine comment from you. It wouldn't hurt to use your real name either :)