Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 1479

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, it was almost seventy degrees outside. Today it was below freezing with a fierce wind that made the temperature feel much lower. At least we didn't have snow like a lot of folks in the East. I put two sweaters on each of the dogs this morning, but they didn't act like they needed them. I always think Dalmatians are going to freeze in cold weather, since they are short haired dogs. Dot and Dash seem to relish the cold however. They were certainly perky on their walks today.

Dot had her weekly acupuncture session today, but will return to her regular Wednesday schedule next week. Hopefully, I'll return to my regular schedule as well. This mid-week holiday season has left me totally confused. Most of the time, I don't know what day it is.

All in all, it was a pretty boring day. I got some writing work done, went to the bank, and attended to Dot on her spa day. That was about it. The day was so boring that I found myself wondering about trivial things. Janet got a different brand of oatmeal at the store last week and it said on the box that the cooking time was twice as long as my regular oatmeal. I set the timer for the recommended time, and stirred the mixture like I normally do. I was surprised to discover that this new oatmeal took exactly the same amount of time to cook as the regular "quick" oatmeal I normally eat. I'd never timed this meal before. Why bother? It's so simple that Dash could prepare it. I guess I never realized I was cooking my "three minute" oatmeal for eight minutes. I just keep the pot on the stove until the coffee is ready.

There's a little bird that's driving me crazy by pooping on my car every single day. It's an evil bird. I can see it doing its business through my office window, but I can't make it stop. I don't know why people keep birds as pets. They are filthy creatures. Even if you love birds, it makes little sense to keep one in a cage. When you clip a bird's wings, you are basically crippling it so it can no longer do the one thing that makes birds unique: fly. If I were a bird, I would despise the person who kept me in their living room in a cage. Oddly, the people I know who have birds, also seem to inevitably have a cat. The cat is always trying to get the bird.

I continue to find it amusing that friends of mine who thought ObamaCare was a wonderful idea are now shocked to discover they have policies with ridiculously high deductibles that cost even more than they were paying before. I used to tell these people that if the government can't make the post office work, it certainly couldn't make the healthcare system work. I think I'm going to have the last laugh on this one.

I know that I've already had my weekly poached egg and pulled pork combo, but maybe if I go back to my breakfast restaurant again tomorrow, it will get me back on schedule again. It certainly doesn't seem like tomorrow is Friday. I did remember to take the trash out tonight though. I wrote myself a note.

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  1. Don't even get me started on gov't programs. I think I'll stop right there.