Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 1666

The dogs certainly kept me busy today. They both had vet appointments in different parts of town. Dot did fabulous during her water therapy. She continues to amaze me and has got to be one of the most physically fit senior Dalmatians I've ever seen. She seems to respond well to acupuncture too. I think it relaxes her. Today she went right to the little blue yoga mat in the acupuncture room after her treadmill workout and lay down in the center, waiting patiently for the doctor. I'm really proud of how well she's doing and even the vet thinks she's an inspiration.

Dash's visit to the vet was a little more prosaic. No Chariots of Fire music for him today, although the visit was necessary. He needed his anal glands expressed again.

I got started on a new website project today. No Chariots of Fire music for me either, although I am very happy to have the work. This new site is part of an extended family of sites where I have already completed the master design. The job ahead is more about replicating and adapting things than it is about inventing anything new. There's still a lot of work to do, but I should be able to complete this site in two or three days. Several years ago I would have posted something about a new project like this on my Facebook business page. I don't even bother anymore. After Facebook changed it's algorithm, absolutely nobody sees these business page posts unless you run an ad or pay to promote the post. Forget that! I'm sure you'd much rather see a picture of Dot on the treadmill anyway.

My shoulder is killing me today. I can't think of anything I've done recently to aggravate the old injury, but sometimes it doesn't take much. I don't think this dislocated shoulder is ever going to fully heal. I doubt that it's going to improve much while I'm still walking Dalmatians every day. I need to start going to physical therapy myself again instead of just driving Dot to her therapy sessions. I probably would have started therapy sessions already, but the physical therapist I really like sold his practice and moved out of town. Now I've got to find someone new and you already know how much I like doing new things. I really can't postpone physical therapy too much longer, or I'll be driving the car with one hand again.

It's really been dry this month. This is the time of year when I wish we had an automatic sprinkler system. There are always parts of the yard that I forget to water until I see a tree or bush looking droopy. By then it is often too late. Today I noticed that the Wax Myrtle tree near the front porch was losing some leaves, so I brought out a soaker hose and wet the area down. This tree has seen some tough times, but it always seems to survive. When I'm not forgetting to water it, the bag worms and climbing vines attack it. Oh, well. At least the back yard is still looking good.

I've got a meeting I need to go to tomorrow and the dogs have their training class in the evening. Hopefully, something else happens as well.

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  1. I was telling my hiking friend about Dot getting acupuncture and she said "Freddie gets it too." That it their Siamese cat who is aging and having trouble walking. His back legs are weak. She says he always walks better for about a week after the treatment.